How To Win Money In Baccarat, The Ultimate Dedication

The mentality is the first, the technology is the second, and the luck is the third. Why is the mentality first? Because no matter how good the skill and luck you have, it can only last for a while. The editor has been using 3 bead roads and a similar smile play method, and there are still 3 levels to pass. Speaking of conscience, a shoe card with 3-10 yards is just like playing. The previous big bet is 5000-10000. The maximum is 2 types. Generally, flat bets are the mainstay. The maximum daily profit is more than 600,000, and due to greed, the travel time is 360,000. You can lose 400,000 a day at most (because you really can’t make any money) otherwise you don’t know how much it is, and people will be stupid. In the past 6 years, 4 million won, lost or lost, has left me. I am still continuing, but I am shy in my pocket. The bet has been reduced to 100-200, so I threw in more than 200,000. And they all win first and then lose. I believe many friends have the same feelings as me, why not leave? I simply want to get back my previous loss one day. is it possible? We all know that money is not won in a day, but it is definitely lost in a day. Why do we need it? . . . This is human nature and mentality. Many friends will also find that the more you play the big hand, the more you lose, and the more accurate you are, the more brutal you are. Some complain about the casino’s out-of-pocket luck. In fact, there are certain reasons for the out-of-pocket luck, but It is definitely not the reason that caused you to lose wildly. The real reason for you to lose is that your mentality is chaotic, which leads to madness. If you lose back after hard work, you will win a day. Not to mention that you may have to catch several times or even more. Capital. What to do if there is no capital? To borrow, the mentality of borrowing money will be even worse. When you use borrowed money, especially usury, to enter the casino, you have already lost 3 points. Combined with the long-term staying up late at DB and the shock of losing money, the mental state is not Jia lost another 3 points. 3+3=6, you still have 4 points of skill and luck. What is the probability of winning? How can you win money then?

Baccarat skills are open

  1. Try not to chase negatively, it should be said to be resolute, but with a good mentality and betting use is like ED extra strong. In the early days, a few masters, they can make their own arrangements. But for those who don’t have good skills and mentality, the 2-style pick is enough.
  2. The method currently can use 3-way bead or Fantan deadman and smile play. Three yards per shoe is enough. I bet for so many years and finally understand what ED brother said: It is easy to take 3 yards, and 4 is difficult. Have you understood this reason as far as it is now?
  3. Be sure to save enough money for the next day or even the next day. Don’t lose all at once. I don’t know if you find that you have no money many times, and you will pay what you are optimistic about. Can’t wait to grab money and bet.
  4. In the trough, you can choose to leave and go around or find a few people to chat and brag. This is the best way to avoid the killer’s pursuit. When you feel bad, you should choose to leave tomorrow and fight again. There is also a tug-of-war, because there will be ups and downs in the tug-of-war, and it always feels like it can be recovered. In fact, many times it is a precursor to a big loss.

As for the method of winning, I don’t want to study it. I only believe in one thing, that is, when you lose money, you can close your hands, and when you win, you can take a shot. Then you can be a teacher. Here I am. I can be very responsible for telling everyone that the 3 way bead or the Fantan deadlock and the smile play can indeed win money, but it is only a little slower, but it is better than losing. Don’t expect any method to be invincible, no matter how good the method is. No good mentality is zero.

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